IT 117: Intermediate Scripting
Class 21

Today's Topics


New Material

Quiz 6

Let's look at the answers to Quiz 6.

Homework 10

I have posted homework 10 here.

It is due this coming Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Comments in Classes

Comments are important, but only when they tell you something that might be hard to learn otherwise.

With this in mind, I do not require comments for all the methods of a class.

You do not have to write comments for the following methods, unless they are doing something unusual Be sure to consult the Script Requirements.


A Practical Example of A Class

Other Methods for the Student Class

Creating Student Objects

Storing Objects for Future Use

Pickling in

The Section Class

Adding Students to A Section Object

Import Statements and Global Variables

New Material

Storing Student Data

An Alphabetical List of Students

Data for An Attendance List

Magic Methods

Magic Methods and Boolean Operators

Type Conversion Magic Methods

More Relational Magic Methods

Putting Test Code into Class Modules


Graded Quiz