IT 117: Intermediate Scripting
Answers to Class 26 Ungraded Quiz

  1. What do you call the methods that place widgets inside a window?
    layout or geometry managers
  2. What are the name of the two such methods we have studied?
    pack and grid
  3. If you use the first and simplest of these methods without any arguments, how will the widgets be arranged inside the window?
    the widgets will be arranged vertically, one on top of the other
  4. Can you change this default arrangement?
    yes, by using the using the side option
  5. What is a Frame widget?
    an object that can hold other objects
  6. How does the second method used to position widgets on the screen place widgets?
    it uses a grid like a spreadsheet
  7. What is the widget used to make something happen in a window?
    a button
  8. What is the module we use to display dialog boxes?
  9. How many choices do each of these dialog boxes give a user?