IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Class 2

Today's Topics

New Material

Reading Assignment

Reading assignment for this week is chapter 1 of Sobell, Welcome to Linux and Mac OS X

You need read this before next week's class.

All reading assignments are posted at

Homework 1

Remember, homework 1 is due this Sunday by 11:59 PM.

You will find it here.

There are three parts to this assignment

You must send me the email with answers to questions even if you have taken another course with me.

You must forward your UMB email since I will use that address to send you your scoring sheets for assignments.

I will also use this address to send you news of any changes in assignments or other developments

I will check that the forwarding is working by sending a test email to your UMB account a week from this coming Friday.

You must reply to this test message or you will lose 15 points

Remember, you will lose 2 points for every day that the assignment is late.

All homework assignments are posted at

Unless you hear otherwise, you should expect a homework assignment each week.

Completing the Apply Process

A few of you have not completed the Apply process.

You must fix this by going to the see the operators in the Unix Lab.

I will read out the names of those students who have not completed the Apply process after taking attendance.

New Material

Opening Remarks

Connecting to the Linux Machine from Home

Operating Systems

Components of the Operating System


Different Unix Releases

GNU and the Free Software Foundation

Linus Torvalds

Linux Distributions



Unix Commands

Today's Class Exercise


Apply Delinquents