IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Class 5

Today's Topics

Tips and Examples

Course Requirements


New Material

Reading Assignment

The reading assignment for this week is chapter 3 of Sobell, The Utilities.

You will find a list of all reading assignments here.

There is a link to this page on the class web page.

Homework 3

I have posted Homework 3 here.

As usual, it will be due next Sunday at 11:59 PM.

The is the first homework assignment that will require you to write a script.

Your script must meet certain requirements that I mentioned in the last class.

Let's review the requirements for homework scripts.

Tips and Examples

Do Not Fall Behind in This Course

Read the Homework Assignments Carefully

Working with More than One Window

Shell Scripts

Course Requirements

Shell Scripts for Homework Assignments

Scripts for Class Exercises


Special Characters

Quoting and Escaping

cd - Change Directory

pwd - Show Your Current Directory

ls - List the Contents of a Directory

cat - Print the Contents of a File

rm - Delete a File

mkdir - Create a Directory

rmdir - Delete a Directory

cp - Copy Files

mv - Move a File or Directory

New Material

echo - Print Text to the Terminal

hostname - Print the Name of Your Host Machine

Pagers - View a File One Screen at a Time

Pathname Completion

grep - Finding Strings inside Files

tail - View the Bottom of a File

sort - Print a File in Sorted Order

Class Exercise 5

Class Exercise 5 is the first exercise where you will have to write a shell script.

You will create a text file using nano, and type the Linux commands into it.

You must create this file in your ex5 directory.

Please note that the first few sections of Class Exercise 5 should not be included in your script.

Test your script to see that it works.

When your script works, come see me so I can test it with my test script.


Class Quiz