IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Class 6

Today's Topics

Course Requirements

Tips and Examples


New Material

Reading Assignment

The reading assignment for this week is chapter 3 of Sobell, The Utilities.

You will find a list of all reading assignments here.

There is a link to this page on the class web page.

Homework 3

I have posted Homework 3 here.

As usual, it will be due next Sunday at 11:59 PM.

The is the first homework assignment that will require you to write a script.

Your script must meet certain requirements that I mentioned in the last class.

Let's review the requirements for homework scripts.

Course Requirements

Shell Scripts for Homework Assignments

Scripts for Class Exercises

Tips and Examples

Copying and Pasting at the Command Line

A Space in the Wrong Place

Finding Errors in a Script


echo - Print Text to the Terminal

hostname - Print the Name of Your Host Machine

Pagers - View a File One Screen at a Time

Pathname Completion

grep - Finding Strings inside Files

tail - View the Bottom of a File

sort - Print a File in Sorted Order

New Material

The Shell Prompt

Pipes - Stringing Programs Together

uniq - Eliminate Duplicate Lines

diff - Differences between Files

file - Show the File Type

date - Get the Date and Time

which - Finding a Program File

whereis - Finding Files Used by a Program

locate - Search for Any File

find - Search for Files Using Different Criteria

who - See Users Logged On

finger - Get information on Users


Graded Quiz