IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Class 12

Today's Topics


New Material

Reading Assignment

The reading assignment for this week is chapter 5 of Sobell, The Shell.

Homework 5

I have posted homework 5 here.

It is not due this coming Sunday.

Instead is due on the Sunday of the following week, July 8th.

This is to allow you time this weekend to study for the mid-term.


The mid-term exam for this course will be held on Monday, July 2nd.

It will consist of 25 questions like those on the quizzes.

You will have the entire class period to work on the exam.

60% of the questions will come from the Ungraded Class Quizzes.

The last class before the exam, Thursday, June 28th, will be a review session.

You will only be responsible for the material in the Class Notes for that class on the exam.

The Mid-term is a closed book exam.

Quiz 2

Let's look at the answers to Quiz 2.


Syntax of the Command Line

Command Options

Device Drivers


The Unix tty Device Driver

Parsing the Command Line

The PATH System Variable

Running a Program in the Current Directory

Running the Command Entered on the Command Line

New Material

Using Computers More Efficiently

Computers are Fast But People are Slow

The Birth of Unix

Data Streams


Unix Devices Are Files

The Monitor and Keyboard

ssh and Pseudo-terminals

Standard Input, Standard Output and Standard Error

The Keyboard and Screen as Standard Input and Standard Output


Redirecting Standard Output

Redirecting Standard Input

Redirecting Standard Output Can Destroy a File

Adding Output to an Existing File



Graded Quiz