IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Answers to Class 11 Ungraded Quiz

  1. What symbols come before an option on the command line?
    -  or  --
  2. What is the program the collects the characters you type at the command line?
    tty device driver
  3. When does this program send what you have typed at the command line to the shell?
    when you hit Enter on a PC or Return on a Mac
  4. What does the PATH shell variable contain?
    the list of directories the shell must search to find the file to run a command
  5. Does the shell check that a program gets the arguments or options it needs?
    no, that is the responsibility of the program itself
  6. If you wanted to run the script in your current directory without using bash, what would you type at the command line?
  7. What is a process?
    a running program
  8. What does the shell do after it runs the program the user entered at the command line?
    it goes into an inactive state called sleep
  9. What does a program do just before it stops running?
    it sends an exit status to the shell
  10. What does an exit status of 0 mean?
    it means that the program encountered no errors