IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Quiz 5 Answers

  1. What does the PATH shell variable contain?
    the list of directories the shell must search to find the file to run a command
  2. If you wanted to run the script in your current directory without using bash, what would you type at the command line?
  3. What is a process?
    a running program
  4. What does a program do just before it stops running?
    it sends an exit status to the shell
  5. What does an exit status of 0 mean?
    it means that the program encountered no errors
  6. By default, where does Standard Input come from?
    the keyboard
  7. By default, where does Standard Output go?
    to the screen
  8. By default, where does Standard Error go?
    to the screen
  9. If you wanted to send the output of ls to the file dir_listing.txt, what would you enter at the command line?
    ls  >  dir_listing.txt
  10. If you wanted the program do_something to take input from the file data.txt what would you write at the command line?
    do_something  <  data.txt