IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Quiz 8 Answers

  1. What parameter gives the total number of arguments passed to a script from the command line?
  2. What parameter gives the full pathname of the script that is currently being run?
  3. What parameter gives the first command line argument to a script or function?
  4. If you wanted to use the value of the variable team inside quotes, what kind of quotes would you use?
    double quotes, ""
  5. If the process ID of your current shell is 15062, what is the parent process ID of a shell script you run from your current shell?
  6. What command would you run to see the last 20 commands you ran at the command line?
    history 20
  7. What is the name of the library of procedures that allows you to edit the command line?
    the Readline library
  8. Name the three things that can be completed at the command line by hitting Tab.
    pathnames, commands, shell variables
  9. Can aliases be made global?
  10. Can functions be made global?