MA260 Linear Algebra

Tuesday & Thursday 10 - 1115


Professor: M. Greeley
Office: Science Center 3-170

Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 1130 - 1230

Telephone: 617 287 6456
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Text: Bretscher, Linear Algebra


    Chapter        Topic

      Appendix  Vectors

          1            Linear Equations

          2            Linear Transformations

          3            Subspaces of n-dimensional real space and their dimensions

          5.1-4      Orthogonality and Least Squares

          6.1-2      Determinants

         7             Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

         9             Linear Differential Equations


Homework : Homework will be assigned each week and will be collected the following week on Thursday. There will be both Starred (*) and un-Starred problems. Both are to be done but only the Starred ones will be collected. Please write up the homework neatly and professionally. For example, if you have to make a graph, use a ruler or other straight-edge to form the axes. Work which doesn't look professional will not be graded. No late homework will be accepted.

Homework Assignments

Grading: There will be 2 in-class exams and a final exam. The in-class exams will be worth 20% each, the homework 20% and the final exam 40%.

Tentative Exam Schedule:

    March 27 Exam 1  {through 2.1; note that April 6 is the withdrawal deadline}

    May 8 Exam 2       {3.1-3.4, 5.1-5.4}

Please bring the book with you to each class. We will be reading from it together.

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