UMass Boston

Hacker Challenge

The 2012 challenge has concluded.


$600 worth of prizes

1pm-4pm, 5/27, Web Lab

Three areas of focus: algorithms, web, security

This contest will test your programming skills, computer science knowledge, and creative thinking.

Good to know: algorithms, theory, scripting, Linux, GET/POST requests, HTML, Javascript, C, GDB


Participants will be presented with various computing challenges.

Points will be scored based on the number and difficulty of challenges completed.


Your own computers

Not Allowed

Outside assistance
Brute forcing answers

Eternal Glory

2012 Contest

1st place Joseph Paul Cohen 60 points
2nd place Michael Bazzinotti 55 points
3rd place Megha Sharma and John Khan 10 points


Email me with the subject "UMBHC Registration" to register.

Decode this binary string to get my email address:

01101000 01100101 01101110 01110010
01111001 01111010 01101100 01101111
01000000 01100011 01110011 00101110
01110101 01101101 01100010 00101110
01100101 01100100 01110101