Directions to ISMVL 2002 


Directions to reach the University of Massachusetts Boston by public and private transportation is available at

Event locations on the campus

The Healey Library entrance is on the second floor walkway that connects the campus buildings, between the administration building and the Science Center. (See map on the left).

If you take the T, you'll first enter the administration building. Take the elevators to the second floor, then go right for the walkway. The library is the next building, on the right (South) side of the walkway.

If you drive, it's probably easiest to park, then walk back toward the way you drove in, to enter the administration building, then go to the second floor and take the walkway to the Healey Library.

When you are in the Healey Library take the elevator up to floor 11.

To get to the Science building, walk past the Healey Library entrance on the second floor walkway from administration building. On the left side of the walkway is the Science building. From the main entrance of the science building on the second floor you will see the "Herbert Lipke Auditorium" on the far right corner of the entrance. If you enter from the first floor of science building opposite to McCormack Hall, "Small Science Auditoriam" is on the far right. Both auditoriums are at the far north in the Science building on their respective floors.


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