The Emotion Machine
Speaker: Professor Marvin Minsky
Speaker Affiliation: EECS
Host: Professors Hal Abelson and Gerald J. Sussman
Host Affiliation: CSAIL

Date: 9-12-2007
Time: 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
Refreshments: 3:00 PM
Location: Room 32G-449 (Stata Center, MIT)

Most previous proposals to make AIs have foundered because each was based on some single idea—no matter that it was a valuable one. For example, these approaches included using formal logic, neural networks, statistical learning or simulated evolution. And while each of these can solve some class of problems, none of them came to be able to do the more "reflective" kinds of thinking that make human beings so much more resourceful. So, I'll briefly describe the multilevel "Critic-Selector" architecture developed in my book, The Emotion Machine. I hope this scheme will help us to build a system that can exploit every clever idea that we can imagine.

To prepare for the talk, I suggest that you read the draft of Chapter 7 of the book, which you can find at

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