Project 1: Drawing Initials

Due: Friday 14 September 2007


The Code

In this project you are asked to add a method to called drawInitials() that takes no arguments but whose effect is to draw your initials in a World. Additionally, you must implement and call at least one helper method. For full credit, add some (at least simple) ornamentation and flair to your design. Be sure to comment your code and indent it according to standard conventions. Below is an example with my initials that shows some of what you can do with the Turtle class.

Project 1: Initials JR

Notice that because your method does not accept any parameters, it will take the form:

public void drawInitials() {

	// The body of your method here.

The Write-up

Once you have implemented the method above, write a short (couple paragraph) essay detailing your experience programming in a plain text file called memo.txt. (Do not use an editor like MS Word.) Here are some questions to keep in mind:

If you worked with others, explain what each person contributed to your project. Cite others appropriately. Even if you worked with others, the code you pass in ought to be your own. (Chances are you have different initials, anyway.)

Turning the Project In

Use a secure FTP client to create a subdirectory of csit114 called project1. Upload your and memo.txt to that directory by Friday, 14 September 2007. Please make sure that your file names are spelled correctly. It is frustrating for me to have to search for your files by hand.


RequirementAdvancedProficientNeeds ImprovementMaximum Points
Comments and Coding Style Well commented. Code conforms to naming and style conventions. Mostly commented. Code mostly conforms to naming and style conventions. Few or no comments. Code does not conform to conventions. 2
Compiles Compiles without error. Compiles without error. Does not compile. 3
myInitials() Draws correct initials and calls at least one helper method. Draws correct initials without a call to any helper methods. Does not draw initials. 10
Aesthetics Shows mild artistic genius. Shows mild artistic genius. Shows no effort at decoration at all. 2
Analysis Provides clear and complete exposition of the design and implementation process. Provides a mostly clear and nearly complete exposition of the design and implementation process. Provides an unclear and incomplete exposition of the design and implementation process. 8
Grammar and Style Well written. No obvious grammar or punctuation errors. A pleasure to read. A few grammatical errors such as punctuation or spelling, although most errors do not interfere with the overall message or the substance of the text. Many grammatical errors including punctuation, spelling or usage problems. 2
Organization Written work is neat and well organized. Written work mostly organized. Written work messy and disorganized. 3
Total 30