Charles F. Meyer
Department of Applied Linguistics
University of Massachusetts Boston





I am a Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I teach courses in linguistics to students studying to teach English as a second or foreign language.

I am very interested in the structure of English, particularly in how linguistic corpora can be used to study how people actually use the English language. In 2002, I published a book with Cambridge University Press entitled English Corpus Linguistics: An Introduction. In this book, I describe the methodology of creating and analyzing a linguistic corpus. I have a new book (2009) from Cambridge entitled Introducing English Linguistics. This book uses corpus material to provide an overview of the structure and use of the English language. I am also coordinating (with Hongyin Tao of UCLA) the compilation of the American component of the International Corpus of English (ICE). The ICE Project is an effort to create comparable corpora of spoken and written English representing the major national varieties of English.

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with my wife and son.