CS187: Science Gateway Seminar, Part 1
Fall 2013

Department of Computer Science
UMass Boston

Class: Tu, Th 11:00–11:50 in S-3-143 (Notice change of classroom!)
Course webpage: http://www.cs.umb.edu/~nurith/cs187

Instructor: Nurit Haspel
email: nurith@cs.umb.edu
Office: S-3-71
Office hours: Tu Th 2:30–4:00PM

Peer mentors:
Nicholas Rosato. email: rosatonj@gmail.com
Antony Reid. email: anthonyreid99@gmail.com
Location: Unix lab
Office hours: By appointment.

Course Description: This is the first course of a two-semester sequence, two credits each semester. Successful completion of the sequence will fulfil the students First-Year Seminar requirement. Course content during the first semester will focus on understanding various facets of Computer Science (CS) and how it relates to our lives. Students will be introduced to different concepts of CS, read articles where technology is an issue, and discuss important matters in written work and orally, both individually and in small groups. Students will become increasingly familiar with and experienced in scientific discourse, the scientific method and scientific communication.

See the course syllabus for a detailed list of topics.


Class Notes