Patrick O'Neil

Professor Emeritus, Department of Computer Science

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Research Areas

Database Concurrency and Isolation Models
Database Query Indexing and Aggregation
Database Systems: SQL Semantics and Internals
Database Performance
Data Warehousing
Multi-Dimensional Databases (OLAP)
Real-Time Databases

More Information

Homepage for my text with Elizabeth O'Neil. Database: Principles, Programming, and Performance
My publications list with some active links
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Isolation Testing Project
C.S. Department Home Page

Home Page for CS240 Course in C Programming (and UNIX))
Home Page for CS320 Course in Discrete Mathematics)
Home Page for CS420 Course in Theory of Computation
Home Page for CS630 Course in Database DBA Fundamentals
Home Page for CS634 Course in Database DBA Fundamentals
Home Page for CS734 Database Internals

Reaching Me

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Department mailing address:
Prof. Patrick O'Neil
Department of Math and C.S.
Boston, MA 02125-3393

Home Office (often reaches me sooner):
Patrick O'Neil
27 Ware St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: +1 617 287-6468 University office phone
+1 617 661-1054 home phone
+1 617 354-6460 home office phone, with answering machine/FAX

FAX: +1 617 287-6499 (Department Fax)
+1 617 354-6460 (Home Office Fax)

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