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DATABASE Principles, Programming, and Performance (DBPPP)

Second edition, May, 2000

Part of the Morgan Kaufman Series in Data Management Systems, Jim Gray, Series Editor  
By Patrick E. O'Neil and Elizabeth J. O'Neil University of Massachusetts at Boston

DBPPP is a textbook at the first-year graduate or advanced undergraduate level on database theory and practice. You have reached the authors' website for the book. For more general information, see Morgan Kaufman's page on DBPPP


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Lecture notes.

Database load scripts for the CAP database: use the Loadcap button below

Source code for the SQL and C programs in the book: use the Examples button below.
Errata: follow the Errata button below

Solutions to exercises not solved in the text, for instructors only: see MK's page on DBPPP.

The Set Query Benchmark , discussed in Chapter 8, for SQL query performance.
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