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Computer Science

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Interests and some related links

Standardized Formal Description Techniques
Estelle Information
International Organization for Standardization
American National Standards Institute
Computer Networks
IETF Home Page
RFC Index Search Form
ISDN Information
Book Information
Information from World Scientific Publishing about Theory of Formal Languages with Applications by Dan Simovici and Richard Tenney
Information from Academic Press about Relational Database Systems by Dan Simovici and Richard Tenney
Some FDT and Network Conferences
FORTE Conference Series (now combined with FMOODS)
List of IFIP WG6.1 Conferences
E J Gibson Symposium, 2003
My Photographs. Click on thumbnail for larger photo; then click on larger photo for original, high-definition photo (a very large file - you've been warned).
Early Music Events in New England
Classical Music Home Page
Boston Early Music Festival

Some Personal Favorite Links

European Train Schedules -- plan your trip!
Currency Converter -- figure out what it'll cost.
Stock Market Quotes (Nasdaq, AMEX, NYSE & OTCBB) -- the financial state of your favorite publicly traded company.
The SEC EDGAR System -- official information about publicly traded companies.
Weather Information (directly from the National Weather Service) and even more specifically, Belmont, MA, Weather.
The New York Times -- an interactive, HTML version of the paper.
Cyber Times Navigator -- a wonderful reference page provided by The New York Times.
United States Patent and Trademark Office -- Look up the incredible things that get patented.
University Club -- most recent menu.
Will Brownsberger -- the home page of my state representative.
(CTAN) Home Page -- home of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN).
UK TeX Archive -- all things TeX.
German TeX Archive -- all things TeX (described in German, with some English, too).
TeX and LaTeX Catalog (ftp) -- This one hosted in the USA.
WEB Wizard (free version) -- help for making your own home page.
Introduction to HTML -- a venerable tutorial about HTML.

Contact Points

Comments? Corrections? Broken Links? Suggestions?
Send me e-mail at
Write me at
Computer Science Department
University of Massachusetts at Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125-3393
Phone me at the following numbers (between 09:00 and 21:00 Eastern Time, please):
+1 617 287-6440 university department phone
+1 617 484-7600 home office phone (with an answering machine)
And send me a FAX at the following numbers:
+1 617 287-6433 department FAX
+1 617 484-5220 home office FAX

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