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Hello, and welcome to the Estelle Newsletter, an electronic newsletter for people interested in the Formal Description Technique Estelle (IS 9074).

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Estelle resources:
NIST has developed Estelle tools called "Pet Dingo". These are available via anonymous ftp from the NIST site NIST also maintains a mailing list for pet dingo related issues. To subscribe, send email to In the body write: subscribe petdingo.

Institut National des Telecommunications distributes the Estelle Development Toolset (EDT) comprising a compiler, a simulator and debugger, a state/event table generator and a test driver generator. Versions of the EDT software with X11 Windows interface are available for Sun, HP and PC platforms under corresponding (SunOs4.1.3 and Solaris 2.5, HP-UX 9.01 and Linux 2.0) UNIX systems. Versions on IBM RS6000 and Bull DPX20 under AIXx.x, DEC/Alpha under OSF1 and PC under SOLARIS 2.5 (5.5) can be compiled on special request. To get information on how to download an evaluation version of the EDT package and about licensing conditions, please use the following address:

The University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, is expected soon to release the eXperimental Estelle Compiler (XEC), which was developed to build a platform for the testing, performance-evaluation, and optimization of implementation methods for Estelle. XEC is a fully operational and well tested Estelle compiler, which is "experimental" merely concerning its applicability as platform for experiments with implementation methods. For further details, see the following:

Another Estelle compiler is available from the Center for Integrated Computer System Research and the Department of Computer Science of the University of British Columbia. Try The compiler is described in "UBC Estelle - C Compiler (Version 2.3) User's Manual and Internal Guide by S.T. Vuong, J. Lu, J. Ng, and K.L. Hui, UBC Tech Report TR 90-2.

Professor Paul D. Amer maintains a repository of Estelle specifications at the University of Delaware. These specifications may be accessed via anonymous ftp at .  Anyone wishing to contribute an Estele spec to this repository should send an electronic copy to He also has an Estelle Specification of MIL-STD 188-220A Data Link and Network Layers at

Here is a link to an Estelle bibliograpy in BibTeX form, maintained by Richard L. Tenney. Please send any additions, corrections, and questions.

Other resources will be added to this list as their maintainers make them known. The instructions below include directions for obtaining the most recent version of this information file.

A source of information about many formal methods is available at .

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Last updated 25 April 2000 
Richard L. Tenney