CS105: Introduction to Computer Concepts - Spring 2008

Welcome to CS 105! This survey course will challenge you to think deeply about what computer scientists do and how they do it. You will gain a broad appreciation of the historical foundations of computer science, system design, software, and hardware, as well as the effects of computing on society.

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Instructor's Contact Information:
                                        Saaid Baraty
                                        Office: S-3-90
                                        Office Hours: Tu/Th 3:30pm - 4:30pm
                                        Office Phone: (617) 287-6445
                                        e-mail: sbaraty@cs.umb.edu

Course Description:  This course presents an overview of the role of computers in society -- their application and misapplication, their capabilities and limitations. Applications may include artificial intelligence, medical, aerospace and business uses of computers. Computer hardware and associated technologies will be discussed. Computer programming will be taught from a non-mathematical, problem-solving point of view, the objective being an understanding of the programming process, rather than the development of complex or extended computer programs. This survey course is not part of the computer science major sequence. Students planning to major in computer science should start with CS 110. Also please note that no student will receive graduation credits for CS 105, if it is taken after successful completion of CS 110 or a higher level computer course. Students who enroll in CS 110 after taking CS 105 may receive fewer than the normal number of credits for CS 110.

                    Prerequisites: Math placement exam

Textbook:   Rick Decker & Stuart Hirshfield: The Analytical Engine: An Introduction to Computer Science Using the Internet. Thomson Learning, Inc. 2nd Edition 2004. ISBN: 0-534-39159-1.


This book is available at the UMB Bookstore, although you might save some money by ordering it on the web.


01/21/2008 : Grading Policies 01/21/2008 : When the class starts, please: 02/07/2008 : I posted assignment 1. It is due next Thursday mid night.
02/07/2008 : I posted slides for module2 and module3 under resources.
02/14/2008 : I posted slides for module4/HTML and module4/XML under resources.
02/14/2008 : NOTE: Assignment 1 is due tonight, Feb 14th 2008 11:59p.m..
02/14/2008 : We are going to use a tech. room (a class with computer for each student) for couple of next lectures. So please come to the following room for next lecture on Feb. 19th 2008 1:00 to 2:15pm :
                          Green Lab.
                          Healey Library
                          Upper Level
                          Room 028
02/14/2008 : It is very important for you to attend the next few classes, so you can try HTML and XML on a computer.
02/14/2008 : I Posted the XML and HTML examples that we went through this week in class under Resources. Please download, read, modify and see the result using a web browser.
02/18/2008 : I posted assignment 2. It is due Thursday Feb 28th 2008
02/21/2008 : Today we are going to look at these two files class.xml and class.xsl
02/25/2008 : Here are the files we are going to use tomorrow in class: class-names.xml , XSL-EX-1.xsl and XSL-EX-3.xsl.
02/27/2008 : Today we are going to look at this file ex3.xsl.
03/04/2008 : The due date for problem 2.3 of hw2 is now Friday 11:59p.m. March 7th 2008. The due date is strictly enforced.
03/04/2008 : There will be no class at Tuesday March 18th 2008 and Thursday March 20th 2008 due to spring break.
03/04/2008: The mid-term exam will be on March 25th 2008 on chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4.
03/13/2008: These are the files that we need to use today in class: pizza.html and slice.JPG
03/22/2008: Here is the practice mid-term exam .
04/13/2008: Here are the mid-term exam and the solution to mid-term.
04/13/2008: The mid-term make-up exam will be on Thursday April 17th 5:00pm. I will post the location of the exam soon.
04/14/2008: I posted assignment 4. It is due Tuesday April 22th 2008
04/30/2008: I posted slides for modules 7 and 8.
04/30/2008: Please fill the final exam option form I sent you via email and hand it to me no later than 05/06/2008
05/09/2008: The schedule for cs105 final exam is Tuesday May 13th. 1:00pm Room M-2-205. The Exam is open book.
05/11/2008: Posted the solution to HW5.
05/26/2008: The diagram of grades of the course:


Assignments Due Notes Solution
Assignment 1 Thursday February 14th 11:59 p.m.     Thanks to Peter Yoo for providing the Solution to hw1
Assignment 2 Thursday February 28th 11:59p.m. courses.xml which you need for this assignment. Version 1 : There is no row for students who have not decided on their majors:
Version 2 : The value of major and submajor columns for those students who have not decided on their majors is undecided.
Version 3: We also have course and section columns (It has some syntax which we didn't go over in class, so it is not part of the exam)
Assignment 3 Friday, April 4th 2008 11:59p.m. You need calculator.html for this assigenment. calculator.html
Assignment 4 Tuesday April 22th at class        
Assignment 5 Sunday May 11th You need to hand your solutions to me by Friday May 9th or send the electronic version by Sunday May 11th 11:59pm Solution5

Accommodations: Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 offers guidelines for curriculum modifications and adaptations for students with documented disabilities. If applicable, students may obtain adaptation recommendations from the Ross Center for Disability Services, M-1-401, (617-287-7430). The student must present these recommendations and discuss them with each professor within a reasonable period, preferably by the end of Drop/Add period.

Student Conduct:  Students are required to adhere to the University Policy on Academic Standards and Cheating, to the University Statement on Plagiarism and the Documentation of Written Work, and to the Code of Student Conduct as delineated in the catalog of Undergraduate Programs, pp. 44-45, and 48-52. The Code is available online at: http://www.umb.edu/student_services/student_rights/code_conduct.html


Slides of module 2:Local Applications
Slides of module 3:Global Applications
Slides of module 4:HTML
Slides of module 4:XML

Resources related to module 4
Some HTML examples from module 4 example 0
example 1
example 2
example 3
example 4
picture of ex. 4
example 5
example 6
example 7
The XML file example of the class (Students). class.xml
The XML file after studentView.xsl applied to it. students.xml
The XML file after instructorView.xsl applied to it. instructors.xml
The XSL file studentView.xsl. studentView.xsl
The XSL file instructorView.xsl. instructorView.xsl
A good tutorial for HTML HTML tutorial
A good tutorial for XML XML tutorial
A good tutorial for XSL XSL tutorial
The step by step instructions for writing an
xsl file we did together in class

Slides of module 4:XSL
Slides of module 5:Forms

Resources for Module 5
An example of different HTML form elements Example
An example of JavaScript and HTML pizza.html and slice.jpg

JavaScript Practice slides (pizza.html we went over in class): JavaScript.ppt
Slides for module 6: Module6.ppt.
Slides for module 7: Module7.ppt.
Slides for module 8: Module8.ppt.