CS110/CS119 Introduction to Computing with JAVA, Summer 2011

Welcome to CS110 An introduction to computer programming -- the concepts involved in using a high-level language and the program development process. The goal of this course is proficiency in the design and implementation of programs of significant size and complexity. This course is quite demanding because of the length of the programming exercises assigned. This is the first course in the computer science major sequence. It is taught using the programming language Java.

Course Outcomes

Students successfully completing this course will:

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Instructor's Contact Information:
                                        Saaid Baraty
                                        Office: S-3-90
                                        Office Hours: Mo/Tu/Th 4:45PM - 5:45PM or by appointment
                                        Office Phone: (617) 287-6445
                                        e-mail: sbaraty@cs.umb.edu
Lab Instructor's Contact Information:
                                        Glenn Hoffman
                                        Phone: 617-625-7123
                                        e-mail: ghoffmn@cs.umb.edu

The Syllabus:

05/31 1.1-1.3
App B
Intro. to Computer Science and Software Development
06/02 1.4-1.6 The Java Language and Object-oriented Programming
06/06 2.1-2.3
App C
Variables, Constants, and Data Types
06/07 2.4-2.6
App D
Expressions, Data Conversion, and Input
06/09 3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 Object Creation, Command Line Interfaces, and Math
06/13 5.1-5.2 Boolean Expressions, If Statements
06/14 5.3-5.4 Comparing Data and Switch Statements
06/16 5.5-5.8
Project 1.
Loops (While, Do, and For), Introduction to Arrays.
06/20 5.5-5.8
Practice Exam #1.
More on Arrays, Loops. Objects and Classes introduction.
(5:50PM-6:50PM) Exam #1 (7:00pm-8:30pm)
06/21 3.1-3.3
Objects and Classes
06/23 3.1-3.8 Packages, Garbage collection, JAVA library classes and Wrapper Classes.
06/27 4.1-4.5
App E
Classes, Encapsulation, Methods, and Constructors
06/28 4.1-4.5
App E
Classes, Encapsulation, Methods, and Constructors (Continued)
06/30 3.4-3.8, 3.9-3.12, App. I GUI's (Objects as Frames, Panels, and Labels) , javadoc
07/05 4.1-4.5
App. I,
Review of concept of Class and Objects, continuning the GUI and javadoc.
HTML Tutorial
07/07 7.1-7.3 More on Arrays and ArrayList Class
Reviewing the sample exam 2 (See announcement)
Exam 2 (7:00PM-9:00PM)
07/12 6.1-6.3 Object Oriented Design, Class Relationships, and Interfaces Part I
07/14 6.4-6.5 Object Oriented Design, Class Relationships, and Interfaces Part II
07/18 6.7-6.9 Methods: design, decomposition and overloading
07/19 8.1-8.5 Inheritance
07/21 9.1-9.3 Inheritance (Continued), Polymorphism and File I/O
07/25 10.1-10.5 Exceptions
07/26 Course Evaluation, Review
07/28 Exam 3 (5:15pm to 8:15pm)

Accommodations: Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 offers guidelines for curriculum modifications and adaptations for students with documented disabilities. If applicable, students may obtain adaptation recommendations from the Ross Center for Disability Services, M-1-401, (617-287-7430). The student must present these recommendations and discuss them with each professor within a reasonable period, preferably by the end of Drop/Add period.

Student Conduct: Students are required to adhere to the University Policy on Academic Standards and Cheating, to the University Statement on Plagiarism and the Documentation of Written Work, and to the Code of Student Conduct as delineated in the catalog of Undergraduate Programs, pp. 44-45, and 48-52. The Code is available online at: http://www.umb.edu/student_services/student_rights/code_conduct.html

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