Check this page regularly during the course period.
  1. 05/29/2012: Grading Rubric for This Course
    Mechanism Percentage
    Exams (Three exams)55%
    Assignments and projects 45%
  2. 05/29/2012: Two passing criteria for this course (both of them must be satisfied):
    1. Scoring a total of 60/100 or higher from the two parts explained in grading rubric.
    2. Scoring an average of 60/100 or higher from the three exams.
  3. 05/29/2012:
  4. 05/29/2012: We expect that you already know the Java programming language at an introductory level (usually gained by taking our CS110 or CSIT 114/115 here at UMB or equivalent at other institutions). That is I am expecting that it this point you are familiar with Java concepts including:
  5. 05/29/2012: Absense for more than two sessions will automatically result in dismissal from the course.
  6. 05/29/2012: When the class starts:
  7. 05/29/2012: Important! Every student must:
    1. Be registered in the course and visible through WISER
    2. Get a CS Unix account. If you already have a Unix account from your previous courses here at UMB, your username and password should be the same and you can skip this step. Learn more about how to obtain a Unix account.
    3. Get a CS account for this course (CS210) on Unix system. This step will create a CS210 directory in your home directory to post your solutions for this course there. You also can ask the operator to help you.
    4. You need to go through apply process even if you have a UNIX account from previous semesters. Just you will answer yes to the question if you have an account with us.
    5. Install SSH/SFTP Clients on your machine if you are planning to use your own desktop/laptop. Here are some basic instructions that you need to know. Mac, Linux or Ubuntu users do not need to install anything. Just use the termianl application.

  8. 05/29/2012: Tutoring for this course is available from the Math Resource Center located in the Campus Center (CC/1/1401) Students enrolled in this course may register for two private half hour sessions per week at the Math Resource Center Website. Please note that you can come see me during my office hours or by appointment for extra help as well. Also, you may email your questions to me.
  9. 05/29/2012:
  10. 05/29/2012: You are free to use any O.S. platform (Windows, MAC ...) or application (Eclipse, Dr Java, command prompt) to write your programs. You only need to post your work in your Unix account before the specified deadline.
  11. 05/31/2012: Our new classroom number is: W-1-053. That is, from now on we are going to meet at this room, including today.
  12. 06/04/2012: Here is your first homework assignment.
  13. 06/05/2012: Sonal Wadhwa will be the tutor for this course. If you need help you can contact him for one-to-one or group tutoring. His tutoing hours are: His email address is
  14. 06/12/2012: Here is assignment 2.
  15. 06/15/2012:The implementation of the toArray for hw2 is more involved than what I originally estimated. It requires changing the method signature slightly and using java reflection. Since, the purpose of this class is learn data structures in java as opposed to learning dirty technical details of Java I am going to drop the implementation of the toArray method for this assignment. Therefore, you need to delete the toArray method signature from SetADT and ArraySet. Also, you can re-download the latest version of the ArraySetTest class which does not test the toArray method from the assignment 2 folder linked from announcement 14.
  16. 06/19/2012: Our first exam is on Monday June 25th 5:30pm to 8:00pm. The location of the exam is room number: W-2-200.
  17. 06/19/2012: Solution to assignment 1.
  18. 06/19/2012: Here are the classes that we are going to look at tomorrow in class for hw3.
  19. 06/20/2012: Here is your assignment 3.
  20. 06/24/2012: I posted the test class for assignment 3 on hw3 directory. The class name is This class uses JUnit 3 framework. To compile and run this class you need to have the JUnit jar file in the classpath.
  21. 06/24/2012: Solution to assignment 2.
  22. 06/25/2012: I forgot to post the class which is needed for testing your work with JUnit test class It is now available in hw3 directory. Since, I forgot to post the file, I am postponing the due date of assignment #3 to Saturday June 30th 11:59pm.
  23. 06/27/2012: Two important notes on hw3:
    1. Thanks to your classmate Joe Dollard who spotted a bug in the code of the dowloaded from the website of the book. Here is the issue: the index variable "look" of the for loop of the remove method at line 91 should be initialized with value 1 not 0. So, please correct your codes.
    2. As we discussed yesterday in the class to get rid of the issue with testing the equals method of SetADT, we can change those assertEqual method calls in LinkedSetTest with two SetADT objects (say set1 and set2) as arguments to assertTrue(set1.equals(set2)). I have modified the LinkedSetTest class in the hw3 directory. So you can re-download the modified version.
  24. 07/03/2012: Here is your assignment 4.
  25. 07/08/2012: We have our second exam this week, Thursday 07/12/2012. The exam is open book, open note (no laptops). It covers all the materials that was covered after Exam 1. Time: 5:15pm-8:00pm and Location: W-1-053.
  26. 07/11/2012: Here is your assignment 5.
  27. 07/17/2012: You can copy all the codes that we have studied in the class from the following directory: /home/sbaraty/public_html/cs210/code.
  28. 07/19/2012: The last assignment is now available:assignment 6.
  29. 07/19/2012: Solution to assignment 3.
  30. 07/23/2012: Solution to assignment 5.
  31. 07/25/2012: Solution to assignment 6.
  32. 07/26/2012: Today the final exam will be held in our usual class: W-1-053 starting at 5:15pm. The exam is open book/note but no laptops. Also, you may want to bring with you a simple calculator to exam.