Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms (CS310 Summer 2017)

General Information

Class Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 6:00pm-7:30pm
Class Location: McCormack M01-0421
Instructor: Tong Wang (homepage)
Office: S-4-026
Office Hours: Monday, 5:00pm-6:00pm, Thursday, 5:00pm-6:00pm or by appointment
Suggested Textbook: Mark Allen Weiss, Data Structures and Problem Solving in Java. 4th edition
Thomas H. Cormen, Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd edition


syllabus cs310 summer 2017

Course Schedule

Week Dates Topics Slides Suggested Reading Homework Due
1 5/30 Introduction, runtime analysis, big O Runtime analysis W chapter 5, C chapter 3 Homework0 Thu 06/01
6/1 Basic data structures, Array,
Dynamic Array (Amortized anaysis), LinkedList
Basic data structures W chapter 6,17 C chapter 10,17 Homework1
Thu 06/08
2 6/5 Basic data structures (continue)
Stack, Queue, Set, Map
6/6 Hashing, collision Hashing W chapter 20 C chapter 11
6/8 Hashmap practices, Sorting
Insertionsort, Bubblesort
Sorting W chapter 8 C chapter 2.1, 7 Homework2
Thu 06/15
3 6/12 Sorting (continue), mergesort, quicksort
6/13 Sorting (continue), heapsort, priority queue
bucketsort, countingsort, radixsort
C chapter 12, 8
6/15 Searching, Tree Searching
W chapter 18 Homework3
Thu 06/22
4 6/19 Binary Search Tree Binary search tree W chapter 19, C chapter 12
6/20 Review Review
6/22 First Exam
5 6/26 Balanced Search Tree, AVL, Red Black Tree W chapter 19, C chapter 13
6/27 Recursion, Numerical Applications Recursion W chapter 7
6/29 Backtracking Backtracking Homework4 Thu 07/06
6 7/4 Holiday
7/6 Dynamic programming
Fibonacci number, LCS
Dynamic Programming C chapter 15
7 7/10 Dynamic programming
edit distance, 0-1 knapsack
7/11 Revew Review
7/13 Second Exam Homework5
Thu 07/20
8 7/17 Greedy, change making,activity selection,
fractional knapsack, huffman coding
Greedy C chapter 16
7/18 Graph, BFS, DFS Graph W chapter 14, C chapter 22
7/20 DAG, Topological sort, Prim Weighted Graph C chapter 23, 24
9 7/24 Kruskal, Dijkstra
7/25 Review Review
7/27 Third Exam (optional)


Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 offers guidelines for curriculum modifications and adaptations for students with documented disabilities. If applicable, students may obtain adaptation recommendations from the Ross Center for Disability Services in the Campus Center (617-287-7430). The student must present these recommendations and discuss them with each professor within a reasonable period, preferably by the end of Drop/Add period.

Code of Conduct

It is the expressed policy of the University that every aspect of academic life - not only formal coursework situations, but also all relationships and interactions connected to the educational process - shall be conducted in an absolutely and uncompromisingly honest manner. The University presupposes that any submission of work for academic credit is the students own and is in compliance with University policies, including its policies on appropriate citation and plagiarism. These policies are spelled out in the Code of Conduct.


Some slides are adapted from Prof. Ming Ouyang, Prof. Nurit Haspel, and Prof. Betty O'Neil's CS310 class slides and notes, and from Prof. Carl Offner's CS624 notes.