Dismorphia amphiona

Pieridae (Dismorphiinae)

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Similar to several ithomiines, but with camouflage pattern below. Male's hindwing more rounded than female's with large white patches where forewing overlaps. Rear margin of hindwing brown, antennae yellow.

Wingspan: 62-73mm

Forewing length: 33-36mm

Local distribution: Occurs from the less seasonal areas on the upper Pacific slope to the lowlands and the Atlantic side, though rarely seen above 1400 m.

Similar species: Eueides isabella, Heliconius ismenius, Mechanitis spp., Melinaea ethra.

Related species: Dismorphia, Patia (Pieridae, Dismorphiinae)

Species range: Mexico to South America

Abundance: Uncommon

Larval host plants: Inga spp. (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae)

Early stages:

Comments: Occasionally seen migrating through Monteverde at higher elevations, but probably does not breed in cloud forest above about 1500 m.

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