The Butterflies of Monteverde: Clearwings

Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae (Ithomiinae)

This list includes most of the ithomiine species known from Costa Rica. All species except those with an asterisk (*) have been recorded from the Monteverde region. The scientific names follow DeVries (1987).1

Aeria eurimedea Godman & Salvin
Callithomia hezia (Hewitson)
*Callithomia hydra megaleas Godman & Salvin
Ceratinia tutia (Bates)
Dircenna chiriquensis Haensch
Dircenna dero (Felder & Felder)
Dircenna klugii (Geyer)
Dircenna olyras calverti Fox
Dircenna relata Butler & Druce
Episcada salvinia (Bates)
Eutresis dilucida Staudinger
Eutresis hypereia theope Godman & Salvin
Godyris zavaleta Fox
*Godyris zygia (Godman & Salvin)
Greta andromica (Salvin)
Greta anette (Guérin-Ménéville)
Greta nero (Hewitson)
Greta oto (Hewitson)
Greta polissena (Haensch)
Heterosais edessa (Bates)
Hyalyris excelsa (Godman & Salvin)
Hypoleria cassotis (Bates)
Hyposcada virginiana (Haensch)
Hypothyris euclea Haensch
Hypothyris lycaste (Bates)
*Ithomia bolivari Schaus
*Ithomia celemia Butler & Druce
Ithomia diasa Bates
Ithomia heraldica Bates
Ithomia patilla Hewitson
*Ithomia terra Haensch
Ithomia xenos (Bates)
Mechanitis lysimnia doryssus Bates
Mechanitis menapis saturata Godman & Salvin
Mechanitis polymnia isthmia Bates
Melinaea ethra lilis Bates
Melinaea scylax Salvin
Napeogenes cranto Godman & Salvin
Napeogenes peredia Schaus
Napeogenes tolosa Godman
Oleria paula (Weymer)
Oleria rubescens (Butler & Druce)
Oleria vicina (Salvin)
Oleria zelica (Druce)
Olyras crathis staudingeri Godman & Salvin
Olyras insignis insignis Salvin
Pseudoscada utilla (Godman & Salvin)
Pteronymia agalla Godman & Salvin
Pteronymia artena (Hewitson)
Pteronymia cotytto (Guérin)
*Pteronymia donata Haensch
Pteronymia fulvescens Godman & Salvin
Pteronymia fulvimargo Butler & Druce
*Pteronymia fumida Schaus
Pteronymia notilla Butler & Druce
Pteronymia parva (Salvin)
Pteronymia simplex (Salvin)
Pteronymia tigranes (Godman & Salvin)
Scada zibia xanthina (Bates)
Talamancana lonera (Haber, Brown & Freitas)
Thyridia psidii melantho (Bates)
Tithorea harmonia helicaon Godman & Salvin
Tithorea tarricina pinthias Godman & Salvin
1 DeVries, P. J. 1987. The Butterflies of Costa Rica and their Natural History. Vol. I. Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.

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