Dircenna relata Butler & Druce

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Antennae orange in life, smoky shading in forewing discal cell not reaching vein Cu1, medium size, pattern generally bolder than chiriquensis and klugii but less than olyras, shading on ventral hindwing disc often yellow, pattern darker in female.

Wingspan: 71-74mm

Forewing length: 36-37mm

Local distribution: Both slopes down to about 700 m.

Similar species: Dircenna klugii and D. olyras, Hyalyris excelsa, Ithomia xenos, Napeogenes cranto

Species range: Nicaragua to Panama

Abundance: Common

Larval host plants:

Solanum chrysotrichum
Solanum rudepannum
Solanum umbellatum

Early stages: Solitary



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