Eutresis hypereia Godman & Salvin

Male dorsal

Male ventral
Female dorsal Female ventral
Large, Dircenna pattern, marginal spots paired on ventral hindwing, window in forewing discal cell almost square, two bold white spots at ventral hindwing apex, hindwing orangy.

Wingspan: 82-86mm

Forewing length: 43-45mm

Local distribution: Upper Pacific slope at 1300-1500 m.

Similar species: Eutresis dilucida, Dircenna chiriquensis, Lycorea ilione

Species range: Costa Rica to South America

Abundance: Rare

Larval host plants: Schultesianthus megalandrus, Solandra grandiflora

Early stages: Aggregated

Comments: Flies at canopy level where the host plants grow. Schultesianthus is an epiphyte, while Solandra is a canopy liana. Oviposition was observed on Solandra, but the larvae prefer Schultesianthus.

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