Godyris zygia (Godman & Salvin)

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Similar to G. zavaleta, but smoky pattern more pronounced, forewing discal cell mostly dark, forewing with much less yellow.

Wingspan: 60-63mm

Forewing length: 30-33mm

Local distribution: Southern pacific region at 0-1000 m reaching as far north as the Central Valley. Not recorded from the Monteverde region.

Similar species: Godyris zavaleta, Dircenna dero, Napeogenes cranto.

Species range: Costa Rica and Panama

Abundance: Not recorded from Monteverde.

Larval host plants: Cestrum nocturnum, cf.

Early stages: Solitary

Comments: May be a Pacific slope subspecies of G. zavaleta (DeVries 1987).

female (28 K jpg)
female (underside)

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