Hyalyris excelsa

Forewing base all black, broad black outer margin of hindwing with straight inner edge, marginal spots yellow on ventral forewing, white on ventral hindwing and not paired.

Male dorsal

Male ventral
Female dorsal Female ventral

Wingspan: 74-78mm

Forewing length: 38-40mm

Local distribution: At about 700-1500 m on both slopes.

Similar species: Olyras crathis, Tithorea tarricina, Thyridia psidii, Mechanitis polymnia

Species range: Costa Rica to South America

Abundance: Uncommon

Larval host plants:

Solanum accrescens
Solanum lanceifolium
Solanum siparunoides

Early stages: Solitary

Parasites: Chalcididae

Comments: Except for Solanum siparunoides, the hostplants grow below the level of the cloud forest, and H. excelsa has not been found breeding in the cloud forest.

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male (underside)

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