Hypothyris euclea Haensch

Small, black spot in forewing discal cell teardrop-shaped, only two yellow patches on forewing in addition to marginal spot line, strong hindwing discal bar.

Male dorsal

Male dorsal

Female dorsal

Female dorsal

Wingspan: 55-58mm

Forewing length: 30mm

Local distribution: Atlantic lowlands up to about 600 m. Found only on the lower edge of the Monteverde Reserve complex. Rare on Pacific slope at 900 m.

Similar species: Melinaea ethra, Mechanitis polymnia, M. lysimnia, Castilia eranites

Species range: Mexico to South America

Abundance: Uncommon

Larval host plants: Solanum rugosum

Early stages: Clustered

Comments: The hostplant is found up to 800 m on the Atlantic slope (Poco Sol). Elsewhere in the Monteverde region, it is probably a stray. Rare individuals have the fw markings white instead of yellow.

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