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This file provides the start of a guide and ecological summary for the clearwing butterflies (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Ithomiinae) of Costa Rica, with emphasis on species occurring in the Monteverde region of the Cordillera de Tilarán (10.3 N, 84.8 W). About 62 species of clearwings live in Costa Rica, and 55 of these occur at Monteverde.

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  • select a genus - upper left
  • then select a species - lower left
  • or click on the genus link (lower left) for genus summary.

The species or genus page will load into this window. Links to selected plant species pages are linked on the ithomiine pages.

A NON-FRAMES VERSION is also available.

The habitat in the Monteverde area ranges from semi-deciduous forest to cloud forest and rain forest, depending upon your location on the mountain slope and distance from the Continental Divide. The western slope supports drier, more seasonal habitats, while the eastern slope is wet throughout the year. For detailed information about the natural history of the area, see Nadkarni and Wheelwright (2000) and Haber et al. (2000).

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