Ithomia heraldica Bates

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Wings broad, translucent orange-brown ground color, forewing rear margin mostly black, black rectangle in forewing discal cell, marginal spots white below, no hindwing discal bar or spot, hindwing very small, especially in male.
Wingspan: 58 mm
Forewing length: 28 mm

Local distribution: Abundant on Pacific side above 1000 m; uncommon on Atlantic slope; uncommon in the lowlands on both sides.

Similar species: Hypothyris lycaste, Mechanitis polymnia, Napeogenes tolosa

Species range: Nicaragua to Panama.

Abundance: common.

Early stages: eggs are laid singly; larvae are solitary; the later instars make a loose nest of leaves tagged together with silk.

Larval host plants:

Acnistus arborescens
Cuatresia riparia
Lycianthes amatitlanenesis?

Witheringia morii

Comments: One of the most abundant species in the region. Found both in forest and disturbed areas.

Male, underside. Note scent scale bulge.

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