Ithomia xenos (Bates)

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Bar in forewing discal cell, vfw margin without white spot line, hindwing apex rounded.
Wingspan: 63-64 mm

Forewing: 32-33 mm

Local distribution: More common on Pacific side (1000-1500 m); rarely occurring down to 800 m on Atlantic side.

Similar species: Napeogenes cranto, Talamancana lonera, Dircenna relata, Pteronymia fulvescens, Pteronymia fulvimargo.

Species range: Costa Rica and Panama

Abundance: Common

Early stages: Solitary

Host plants:

Acnistus arborescens
Cuatresia riparia
Witheringia cuneata

Comments: Often lays eggs on bare stems or even moss on stems well below the leafy twigs.

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male (underside)

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