Mechanitis polymnia Bates

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Forewing mostly black from coalesced markings, yellow medial band broken into spots, an isolated orange-brown spot in tornus (connected in congeners), hindwing discal bar greatly reduced below. Female like male, but hindwing discal bar reduced or absent.

Wingspan: 68mm

Forewing length: 31-40mm

Local distribution: Common in the lowlands on both slopes.

Similar species: Mechanitis spp., Tithorea harmonia, Melinaea ethra, Hypothyris lycaste, Thyridia psidii

Mimics: Dismorphia amphiona, D. eunoe, Eueides isabella, Heliconius ismenius

Species range: Mexico to South America

Abundance: Common

Larval host plants:

Jaltomata repandidentata
Solanum chrysotrichum
Solanum hartwegii

Solanum jamaicense
Solanum lanceifolium
Solanum rudepannum
Solanum rugosum
Solanum siparunoides

Early stages: Aggregated

Parasites: Chalcididae

Comments: One of the most abundant and widespread species in the country.

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male ventral female ventral

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