Oleria vicina (Salvin)

Forewing discal bar strong, black apex incised with two white spots, postdiscal bar triangular, white subapical bar poorly developed, veins M2 and M3 black, dorsal borders red brown.

Male dorsal

Male ventral
female dorsal Female ventral

Wingspan: 49-54mm

Forewing length: 26mm

Local distribution: Common in cloud forest, uncommon on both slopes below 1200 m.

Similar species: Oleria rubescens, Greta nero, Greta anette, Ithomia patilla, I. diasa

Species range: Costa Rica and Panama

Abundance: Common

Larval host plants:

Lycianthes multiflora
Lycianthes synanthera
Solanum trizygum

Early stages: Solitary


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