Pteronymia fulvescens Godman & Salvin

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Antennae yellow-tipped, orange-brown in forewing costal margin, ventral hindwing border with single spots, hind margin of dorsal forewing with orange, hindwing disc shaded orange.

Wingspan: 55-59mm

Forewing length: 27-30mm

Local distribution: Common on Pacific side at 1100-1400 m, uncommon down to 700 m; rare on Atlantic side.

Similar species: Pteronymia fulvimargo, P. notilla, Napeogenes cranto, Ithomia xenos

Species range: Costa Rica and Panama

Abundance: Common

Larval host plants:

Solanum brenesii
Solanum tuerckheimii

Early stages: Aggregated

Comments: One of the most abundant species around the Monteverde community.

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male female

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