Pteronymia fumida Schaus

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Male: antennae yellow-tipped, forewing costal margin all black, ventral hindwing cells with paired spots, hind margin of dorsal forewing all black, hindwing disc shaded yellow. Female: like male, but hindwing disc translucent orange instead of yellow and smoky pattern denser.

Wingspan: 53-54mm

Forewing length: 27mm

Local distribution: Extremely rare country-wide and not recorded at Monteverde. Potentially present in the Peñas Blancas valley at 700-900 m.

Similar species: Godyris zavaleta, P. fulvescens, Pteronymia fulvimargo, P. notilla

Species range: Costa Rica to South America

Abundance: Not yet recorded

Larval host plants: Unknown

Early stages: Unknown

Comments: Known only from the Atlantic slope near Siquirres.

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