Pteronymia simplex (Salvin)

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Black postdiscal bar very narrow, white forewing spots and medial bar highly reduced, border of dorsal hindwing usually black, hindwing fringe scales orange.

Wingspan: 50-56mm

Forewing length: 25-28mm

Local distribution: From 1200-1500 m on both slopes, but more common on Pacific side.

Similar species: Episcada salvinia, Pteronymia artena, Greta spp.

Species range: Mexico to Panama

Abundance: Common

Larval host plants:

Solanum aphyodendron
Solanum brenesii
Solanum pastillum
Solanum pertenue
Solanum ramonense
Solanum rovirosanum
Solanum tuerckheimii

Early stages: Solitary


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