Thyridia psidii (Bates)

Male dorsal

Male ventral

Female dorsal

Female ventral

Large, forewing mostly black, hindwing discal bar reduced to a spot, paired spots on dorsal forewing and ventral hindwing margin (single in Mechanitis), only tips of antennae yellow.

Wingspan: 75-78mm

Forewing length: 39-40mm

Local distribution: Atlantic lowlands up to about 500 m.

Similar species: Mechanitis polymnia, Olyras crathis, Hyalyris excelsa

Species range: Mexico to South America

Abundance: Rare

Early stages: Solitary

Larval host plants:

Solanum circinatum (formerly Cyphomandra hartwegii)
Solanum diversifolium (formerly Cyphomandra diversifolia)


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