Monteverde Natural History

Guides, checklists, keys, images, maps, references, and links for doing natural history with butterflies and plants in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Species lists of plants occurring in the Monteverde region with data on pollination and seed dispersal, publications, identification tools, and links to other sites relating to Costa Rican plants.

Butterflies of Monteverde, Costa Rica

Species lists of Monteverde butterflies, publications about Costa Rican butterflies, identification resources, and links to related sites about Costa Rican Lepidoptera.

Guide to Clearwing Butterflies

Species pages with images, identification tips, hostplants, and ecological information about clearwing butterflies (Nymphalidae: Ithomiinae). Pictures of all but one Costa Rican species are shown.

These static html pages accompany the Electronic Field Guide project at the Univ. of Massachusetts - Boston. In the near future, we will produce these pages dynamically from the EFG database.
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Maps of Monteverde, Costa Rica

This page offers several maps of Monteverde, including reserves and protected areas, roads, and vegetation zones.

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