Maps of Monteverde,

Costa Rica

As maps become available from several GIS mapping projects* based at Monteverde, they will be posted here.

Map 1. The Monteverde reserve complex.

Map 2. Distribution of the tree "Chancho Blanco" (Beilschmiedia sp., Lauraceae) in relation to the complex of protected areas at Monteverde.

Map 3. Distribution of the tree "Chancho Blanco" (Beilschmiedia sp., Lauraceae) with respect to the Holdridge life zones at Monteverde.

Map 4. Cordillera de Tilarán. High altitude image.

* Groups with ongoing projects include the Monteverde Institute, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, the Electronic Field Guide Project, the Bellbird Project, and the Tree Mapping project.

Images and text copyright © 2001, 2003 by William A. Haber,
Created: 28 December 2000. Updated: 15 May 2003.

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