Parasites of Ithomiinae

Conura cf. dimidiata

Hymenoptera: Chalcididae (Subfamily Chalcidinae, Tribe Chalicidini)

Conura cf. dimidiata (adult female)

Identification. Length 7 mm, surface smooth, yellow with black markings, elongate petiole, wings black in basal half, meta-femur enlarged, meta-tibia curved and pointed, face without ridges around antennae.

Related species. Brachymeria

Host. Mechanitis polymnia on Solanum chrysotrichum

Locality. Dry Pacific slope below Monteverde, Quebrada Guaria, 500 m elevation.

Phenology. Adult in July.

Comments. The wasp larva pupates inside the butterfly crysalis. The adult wasp emerges from a neat round hole it cuts in the side of the butterfly chrysalis.

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