Parasites of Ithomiinae

Brachymeria sp.

Hymenoptera: Chalcididae (Subfamily Chalcidinae, Tribe Chalicidini)

Brachymeria sp. (adult female)

Identification. Length 6.5 mm, black, coarse punctations, meta-femora enlarged, meta-tibia curved and pointed, raised ridge around antenna bases.

Related species. Conura

Host. Hyalyris excelsa on Solanum lanceifolium

Locality. Monteverde, Pacific slope below village, 1350 m elevation.

Phenology. Adult in January.

Comments. The female wasp oviposits inside a butterfly larva. The wasp larva lives inside the butterfly caterpillar, but does not consume its host until it changes to the pupal stage. The wasp then eats most of the chrysalis, pupates inside the empty chrysalis shell, and finally emerges from a hole in the side.

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