Parasites of Ithomiinae

Ichneumonidae (Campopleginae): Hyposoter, cf.

Ichneumonidae, Campopleginae (adult female)

Identification. Length 6 mm, shiny black, small petiolate ariole in forewing, propodium with a 5-sided ariole, ovipositor straight with a weak dorsal notch near apex, meta-femur without a spine, tibial spurs not separated from point of tarsal insertion, thyridium present near base of second tergite.

Host. Mechanitis menapis on Solanum acerifolium

Locality. Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, 1550 m elevation.

Phenology. Adults emerged in September.

Comments. The larva lives inside the caterpillar and, when mature, spins a cacoon inside the skin of a fourth instar caterpillar. The dead caterpillar remains attached on the underside of a leaf on the hostplant (Solanum acerifolium) with the wasp pupa inside. Adults emerge 1-2 weeks after pupation.

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