Jaltomata repandidentata (Dunal) A.T. Hunz.

Solanaceae– Tomato Family


- erect herb to 1.5 m

- upper leaves paired with weak marginal lobes

- flower white with green spots

- fruit calyx persistent with lobes fused, without purple lines below.

habit with flowers


Description. Herb to 1.5 m; leaves paired, nearly glabrous, often with weak marginal lobes; flowers with corolla green-white, lobes nearly fused, calyx lobes fused; fruit a purple-black berry to 15 mm, calyx persistent.

Similar species.

Jaltomata spec. nov.- weak stemmed herb or clambering straggly shrub of cloud forest habitat; flowers yellow-green with dark green spots; lobes of fruiting calyx with purple lines below.

Local distribution. Pacific slope from lowlands to 1400 m.

Habitat. Overgrown pastures, coffee fields, roadsides, partly sunny stream margins.

Species range. Mexico to Peru.

Abundance. Uncommon

Phenology. Flower: Jun-Jul; Fruit: Jul-Aug.

Herbivores. Mechanitis polymnia (Ithomiinae)

Pollinators. Bees

Seed dispersers. Birds


Voucher No. Haber

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