Merinthopodium neuranthum (Hemsl.) Donn. Sm.

Solanaceae– Tomato Family


- epiphyte or hemi-epiphyte

- medium to large fleshy leaves bunched at twig tips

- purple-green flowers at tip of long dangling inflorescence

flowering habit


flower leaf habit

Description. A small to large hemi-epiphytic shrub with branches to 2 m long; leaves to 8 x 15 cm, bunched at the twig tips, entire, fleshy and glabrous; inflorescense with elongate (to 1 m) dangling peduncle, flowers grouped at apex; flowers green shaded with purple, bell-shaped, 3-4 cm long, large calyx lobes; fruit ....

Similar species:

Schultesianthus megalandrus- hemi-epiphyte with smaller leaves not bunched at twig tips and white or yellow flowers, flowers do not hang downward on long inflorescence.

Local distribution. Cloud forest and wet Atlantic slope to lowlands.

Habitat. Grows on tree trunks, usually below the crown, often in lighter areas of forest; also in pasture trees.

Species range. Guatemala to Colombia

Abundance. Uncommon

Phenology. Flower: ; Fruit: .

Herbivores. Melinaea ethra

Pollinators. Bats

Seed dispersers. Arboreal mammals

Comments. Formerly called Markea neurantha.

Voucher No. Haber 9533

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Created: 3 November 2001.