Solanum accrescens Standl. & C.V. Morton

Solanaceae– Tomato Family

habit with flower


– spiny treelet, 2-5 m

– leaves with small lobes and rusty stellate hairs

– flower white, lobes free nearly to base

– fruit with sticky glandular hairs and large calyx

Description. Treelet, 2-5 m, secondary forest and old pasture; spines on stem, twigs, and leaf midvein, rusty pubescent; petiole to 4 cm, blade to 13 x 22 cm, rusty pubescent with stellate hairs, with or without 1-4 tooth-like lobes; inflorescence opposite petiole or internodal; flower with corolla white, 1.5 cm, lobes 13 mm, free nearly to base, stamens yellow, narrowed to tip with small pores, 6 mm, equal; fruit to 15 mm, globose, yellow-green, pubescent with sticky glandular hairs, calyx 16 mm; seed 3-4 mm, kidney-shaped, orange-tan.

Similar species. Solanum chrysotrichum has larger, more deeply lobed leaves with heavier spines, the calyx is smaller, and the fruit lacks glandular sticky hairs and usually lacks the characteristic orangy pubescence of S. accrescens.

Local distribution. Pacific slope at 1000-1450 m.

Habitat. Overgrown pastures, forest edge, roadside, coffee plantations.

Species range. Nicaragua to Panama, possibly Ecuador.

Abundance. Uncommon

Phenology. Flower: jul; Fruit: .

Herbivores. Hyalyris excelsa, Hypothyris lycaste (Ithomiinae)

Pollinators. Bees

Seed dispersers. Birds or bats


Voucher No. Haber 10739

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