Solanum chrysotrichum Schltdl.

Solanaceae– Tomato family

habit with flower


–woody shrub or small tree

–stout curved spines and shallowly lobed leaves

–3 cm white flowers

Description. Shrub or small tree mature at 1.5-6 m; curved spines on stem, branches and leaves; leaves large with shallow lobes, stem leaves with deeper lobes; flowers 3 cm across, white with yellow anthers; fruits 2 cm, globose, dull yellow.

Similar species. The very similar S. rudepannum occurs below about 800 m one both slopes and the two species may hybridize; S. acerifolium.

Local distribution. Grows on Pacific slope above 1400 m and down to 800 m on Atlantic slope; at the TV towers (1860 m).

Habitat. Roadsides, abandoned pastures, landslides, disturbed soil.

Species range. Mexico to Panama

Abundance. Uncommon

Phenology. FL: most of year, especially wet season (dec); FR: mature during flowering.

Herbivores. Dircenna klugii, D. relata, Mechanitis menapis

Pollinators. Large bees

Seed dispersers. Bats, rarely birds?

Comments. Locally common in pastures and overgrown roadsides, rare in cloud forest gaps and landslides. Becomes scarcer down the dry Pacific slope.

Voucher No. Haber 10253

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