6th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - BICoB 2014

Accepted Papers

1. Semantics-Enabled Proactive and Targeted Dissemination of New Medical Knowledge
Authors: Ismailcem Arpinar, Asmita Rahman, Priya Wadhwa, Lakshmish Ramaswamy and Ugur Kursuncu

2: Analyzing Conservation Patterns and Its Influence on Identifying Protein Functional Sites
Authors: Chun Fang, Tamotsu Noguchi and Hayato Yamana.

3: Reliable Multi-baseline Stereovision filter for Navigation in Unknown Indoor Environments
Authors: Dr. Khalid Almutib, Muhammad Emaduddin, Mansour Alsulaiman, Hedjar Ramdane and Ebrahim Mattar.

4: Optimal Alignment of Three Sequences On A GPU
Authors: Junjie Li, Sanjay Ranka and Sartaj Sahni.

5: Efficient Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Analysis in Hadoop
Authors: Kareem Aggour, Dipen Sangurdekar, Vijay Kumar, Lee Newberg and Chinnappa Kodira.

6: New Weighting Method of Protein Sequences for Protein Classification
Authors: Faouzi Mhamdi and Salma Aouled Elhaj Mohamed.

7: Analysis of Cancer Somatic Mutations Taking into Consideration Human Genetic Variations
Authors: Bin He, Hanaa Torkey, Azam Moosavi and Liqing Zhang.

Authors: Unal Sakoglu, Abdullah Arslan, Kushal Bohra and Heriberto Flores.

9: Improved Shortest Path Edit Distance for Synonyms Identification
Authors: Alex Rudniy, Min Song and James Geller.

Authors: Todia Pediatama, Yoni Syukriani and Nurhalim Shahib.

11: Predicting protein subcellular localization with reduced feature set
Authors: Hisham Al-Mubaid and Izzat Alsmadi.

13: Decoding Methods for DNA Steganalysis
Authors: Marc Beck, Ahmed Desoky, Eric Rouchka and Roman Yampolskiy.

14: Evolution without Logic and Time
Authors: Heinz Luediger.

15:Scalable Genome-Wide Discovery and Presentation of Motifs
Authors: Marjan Trutschl, Phillip Kilgore, Urska Cvek and Rona Scott.

16: Hierarchical Algorithm for Pattern Extraction from Biological Sequences
Authors: Faouzi Mhamdi and Mehdi Kchouk.

18: Accurate Discrimination of Outer Membrane Proteins Using Amino Acid Composition and Auto Covariance Derived From PSI-BLAST Profiles
Authors: Lingyun Zou and Qingshan Ni.

19: C-Cell Detector. High-Throughput Data Processing Framework for the Detection and Identification of Biological Targets using Solid-State Micropores
Authors: Abdul Hafeez, M. Mustafa Rafique and Ali R. Butt.

20: Discoverying Compounds That Activate Plant Immunity Using Machine Learning
Authors: Takaya Yoshida, Nobutaka Kitahata, Hayato Ohwada and Kazuyuki Kuchitsu.

22: Potential Relationship Discovery Model Base on Context and Its Application in Lung Cancer Field
Authors: Haishan Chen, Jing Lan, Xiaoxia Zhang, Xiaojiao Xu, Cui Wang and Qingqiang Wu.

23: Understanding the impact of fractionation and dynamic exclusion on proteomics
Authors: Cynthia Zavala, Scott Nixon, Bruce Southey, Cong Wu, Elena Romanova, Johnathan Sweedler and Sandra Rodriguez-Zas.

24: A K-means based approach for the design of Rotamer Libraries. Preliminary Results
Authors: Sara Hernandez and Carlos Brizuela.

25: Evaluation of Significance Level Assignment of Database Search Programs using Monte Carlo Permutation Approach
Authors: Malik Nadeem Akhtar, Bruce Robert Southey, Per E. Andrén, Jonathan V. Sweedler and Sandra Luisa Rodriguez-Zas.

26: Attempting Homology Modeling, Energy Optimization and Structural Validation of a Difficult Target SERAC1. The Protein Involved in an Inborn Error of Metabolism, MEGDEL Syndrome.
Authors: Surajit Debnath and Soma Addya.

27: Transcriptomic Analysis by RNA-Seq and Gene Enrichment Analysis
Authors: Scott Nixon, Dianelys Gonzalez-Peña, Marcus Lawson, Robert McCusker, Jason O'Connor, Robert Dantzer, Keith Kelley and Sandra Rodriguez-Zas.

28: A Novel 2-Dimensional Graphical Representation of DNA Sequences Using Weighted Vector Assignments
Authors: Satoshi Mizuta and Kyohei Yamaguchi.

29: Bursty Topic Detection Based on K-States Automaton Model. an Emerging Trend in Cancer Field
Authors: Qingqiang Wu, Haibin Zhang, Qingqi Hong and Yan Zheng.

30: Wavelet Packet Based Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea using ECG Data
Authors: Syeda Quratulain Ali and Varun Jeoti.

31: Formal Analysis on Automated Model Abstractions on a System of Biochemical Reactions under Uncertainty
Authors: Krishnendu Ghosh and John Schlipf.

32: CircRNAFinder. a Tool for Identifying Circular RNAs Using RNA-Seq Data
Authors: Xing Fu and Renyi Liu.

33: Semi-supervised Self-training Approaches for Imbalanced Splice Site Datasets
Authors: Ana Stanescu and Doina Caragea.

34: Impact of the Increased in the Biological Samples and Alternatives vs. Defaults Setting in the Transcripts Analysis
Authors: Dianelys Gonzalez-Peña, Nixon E Scott, Bruce R. Southey, Marcus A. Lawson, Robert H. McCusker, Robert Dantzer, Keith W. Kelley and Sandra L. Rodriguez-Zas.

35: Explore transcription factor profiles in human pluripotent stem cells
Authors: Jane Synnergren.

36: Physiological Data Stream from Monitoring System in Intensive Care Unit
Authors: Fahmi Ben Rejab, Bilel Amri and Kaouther Nouira.

37: Volunteer computing for bioinformatics data analysis with MEGA Computation Core
Authors: Rodrigo Barban Zucoloto, Felipe Gutierrez and Marcos Barreto.

38: A Probabilistic Roadmap-based Method to Model Conformational Switching of a Protein Among Many Functionally-relevant Structures
Authors: Kevin Molloy and Amarda Shehu.

39: Semi-supervised Classification of Protein Sequences Using Burrows Wheeler Transformation-based Features
Authors: Karthik Tangirala and Doina Caragea.

40: Vision-based Breast Self-Examination Hand Interaction Tracking using Sparse Optical Flow and Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Melvin Cabatuan, Rey Masilang, Elmer Dadios and Laurence Gan Lim.

44: A Novel Approach to Approximate Parikh Matching for Comparing Composition in Biological Sequences
Authors: Juan Mendivelso and Yoan Pinzon.

45: Advanced statistical analysis of RNA-seq differential gene expression profiles of animal gene-environment interactions
Authors: Kelsey Caetano-Anolles, Scott Nixon and Sandra Rodriguez-Zas.

46: Evaluating Assembly Pipeline for Transcriptomes
Authors: Natasha Pavlovikj, Sairam Behera, Kevin Begcy, Malachy Cambell,Harkamal Walia and Jitender S. Deogun.

47: Hybridization of Parallel Genetic Algorithm and Clustering Algorithm for Gene Expression Microarray Data Classification.
Authors: Olga Valenzuela and Ignacio Rojas.

48: Creation of a database including a set of biological features related to protein sequences and their corresponding alignments.
Authors: Olga Valenzuela and Ignacio Rojas.

49: Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques for Conformational Sampling in Template-Free Protein Structure Prediction.
Authors: Brian Olson and Amarda Shehu.

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